Postnatal or Mama/Papa and Baby yoga for 6 weeks to 20 months!

Motherhood and fatherhood is a precious gift and the beginning of a new adventure. Bring your baby (6 weeks to 18 months) and exercise, breathe, relax, dance and meet other families. For the mother, the class focuses on post partum needs such as toning the pelvic floor and re-establishing core strength while encouraging relaxed and healthy breathing. Dads stay in shape too! As you stretch and strengthen , your baby participates right alongside you. Then its their turn, and movement, coordinated with songs and dancing together is a great recipe for fun and deepening your relationship with your baby. Chanting is also an integral part of the class. Everyone comes together for a time that is joyful and stress free. Siblings up to age 3 are welcome.

Mamas can join the class with or without your babies. Join us when you need a break or when they are napping or when you need to strength and rest the post natal body and mind. In general, moms can join us 6-8 weeks postpartum (vaginal birth) or 10-12 weeks (caesarean) or being given an okay from your health practitioner or after the first postpartum doctor visit. I like to structure the class more towards the well being of the mamas, as I know you the babies are in your good hands 🙂 I love to show you how we can regain some strength and energy postpartum and gradually find our core and exercise again after birth.


$95 for 5 consecutive classes

$25 drop-in