Private or Semi Private Yoga Classes

Love yoga classes but want something more from it? Interested in understanding more about intention setting and alignment in asanas? A private (one-on-one) or semi-private (max. 3 people per class) can be a perfect solution for yourself or yourself and friends, siblings, parents, partners, etc.

60min per class

Couple yoga

Enjoy going to yoga classes together (friends, siblings, couples, etc.) and is interested in exploring getting into the poses together? Couple Yoga can also be the first step to learning AcroYoga. This is a great way to understand the art of relationship, boundaries, limitations, possibilities, etc. as they manifest into physical movements.

75min per class

Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is given in private sessions, like most holistic practices, it is personal and personalized to both the giver and the receiver. It uses breathing exercises, meditation and modified yoga poses to realign the body and mind.

 Whether you have pains in particular area, physical injury, emotional issues, mental health issues, illness, etc. Yoga therapy allows a closer view of yourself, deepening the connection within and out of the body and mind, so we can understand, discover, accept, and respond, react, reset, realign, rejuvenate and recover accordingly.

 An overview of a yoga therapy session:

75min per session:
– 10min consultation
– 10min meditation/relaxation
– 50min theraputique asanas, breathing exercises, savasana
– 5min conclusion, bring home exercises, reflections, comments

Hormones has been an ongoing interests since i was a teenager. Yoga therapy can give you a different perspective on PMS, peri-menopause, menopause, and other female reproductive hormones related issues.

I work with people of all walks of life. Feel free to send me an email to see how we can schedule a session with you that suits your needs.

 Couple Yoga Therapy

Want something intimate but not commercially romantic? Discover something you think you knew and feel connected within and out of yourself, with yourself, and with your partner.

75min per class

About Sally LeeIMG_1498

Sally Lee is a massage therapist in acupressure, a yoga teacher in Yin, Hatha, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, and a multidisciplinary artist.

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