To me, YOGA, is the moment where I find equilibrium between breath and alignment. Each breath opens and collapses a part of me, and in between each open and close is my heartbeat. The bloods flows where the breath goes. The transition between each open and close gives the passage to light and darkness, enveloping and stillness. Each practice helps me to find where I stand. Each breath brings me closer to home.

Like many of us, the global pandemic has brought us to do things that we were not doing or used to do before. In this case, I’m talking about teaching yoga online. I started to offer kids yoga dance to 5-7yrs old at the beginning of the lock down, as school was not prepared for online school classes yet and kids couldn’t even go to the park at the time. I did many mini yoga sessions online with my daughter then, and in our own mini yoga time, we practice with each other, and then we drew the each other’s yoga poses and made a garland to decorate the wall.

pandemic yoga with my daughter 2020

My daughter is such an inspiration to me in all aspects of my life and in all directions. A life of learning and a lifelong learning partner she is to me. It’s definitely one of the top reasons that I love working with kids and moms.


This class takes a therapeutic approach, which includes guided visualizations, breath works, and the alignment of energy flows. The physical aspects will be focusing more on articulations of joint movements, spine to core development, and overall alignments. It’s great for spinal and joints health.

This class focuses on both the yang/active/strengthening as well as the yin/stretching/enduring aspects of yoga. Yin yoga, as you may know, stays in the same position for the longer period of time and can be very powerful in releasing as well as discovering our limits. It also works with meridians of the traditional Chinese medicine.