b-ê :: well Anti-Stress Massage Therapy

b-ê : well specializes in anti-stress massage therapy. It is created from my interests and ongoing research in the idea of “energize by relaxation” through massage therapy and yoga therapy. According to TCM and Yogic values of aliments, discomforts or illnesses are deeply rooted in the emotional / mental state or the stress level of the body. Certainly, the symptoms or pain of the clients are being addressed during the massage session. In addition, to restore the body to the state of complete relaxation is the primal feature of b-ê :: well Anti-Stress Massage. It is like watching the ripple in the water slowly restore itself to the state of peace and calm, providing the clarity to see under the water and allowing the quiet surface to reflect the world above the water.


The massage session is a combination of Acupressure and Relaxation Massage. This unique combination gives the client the moment to settle their mind and body through the gentle effleurage from the relaxation massage. Once the clients is adjusted to a relatively relaxed state, acupressure and tui na (a Chinese massage manipulation that complements extremely well with acupressure) massage are applied to further enhanced the relaxation state, until it reaches the quiet surface of the water – the state of anti-stress. Some of my clients falls into a deep deep sleep during the massage, some are awake but in a relatively meditative state of awareness. Acupressure is a treatment that surprise your curiosity and energize your mind and body. It is very giving. It is a very special way to connect with your own body.

In general, a 60-minute session full-body massage provides a good relaxation. A 90-minute session allows deeper and longer movements. In addition, head (good for migraine and any kind of stress) and facial (great for indigestion, sinus, stiff neck) massages are incorporated into the 90-minute session. It is ideal for releasing stress due to work or emotions, digestion problems, seasonal allergies and pre-menstrual tension.  

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