Acupressure Massage Therapy

image-deeptissue-shoulderbladeACUPRESSURE uses the exact Acu-points as in Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Instead of using needles as the form of stimulation, gentle to deep pressure is applied to the Acu-points. Acupressure is based on energy work on the “meridians” or zen lines in Asian massage systems. Friction is a common massage technique in Acupressure where the therapist works at a specific knot with their thumb or fingers. The movement and pressure are applied with intention. It can go along or across the band of the muscle, tendon or ligament fibers. This is the part of the massage that “hurts so good” and is a feature of deep tissue massage. 

Percussion movements awaken and stimulate the entire body. They are usually performed at the end of an massaged area. They can be “chopping” with the side of the hands, tapping with the tips of fingers , slapping with the flat of the hand, and beating with clinched fists on big muscles like the thigh. The resonance of the sound and vibration have subtle but strong rebalancing effects on the physical level, even as deep as the atomic level. 

Acupressure can be a 60-90 minute session. The longer the session is, the more the time to work the muscle tissue, energy stimulation and rebalancing.

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