Dear earthlings and seedlings:
Spring seems to have found its momentum. Sprouts and greens are definitely in sight!! Spring has arrived!! 
Which also means you may have extra energy all of a sudden, so much so that it has been difficult falling asleep (i do!! there are nights that i was wide awake for 5 hrs!!) You may find yourself inspired to have all kinds of new ideas! Exciting times: proposing new projects, starting a new hobby, begin to look around for your gardening season, etc. You may also find yourself feeling anxious, upset stomach, or eating like there’s a black hole inside you or completely opposite – having no appetite. These are not random examples, if you have come to my TCM workshops before, you may recall that the transitioning period between every season usually express these climatic seasonal changes and manifest thee changes in us physically and mentally. You may also find yourself having allergy symptoms (itchy/scratchy throat, eyes, skin, watery eyes, burning sensation in eyes, ringing in the ears, sore throat, stuffy nose/sinus blockages, etc.). Whether you feel these sensations or not, feel generous about gorging yourself down with fresh berries, big leafy greens and herbs, like dandelion, kale, arugula, and continue with grains like quinoi, barley and roots like yam. I can smell bbq on the weekends, grilling veggies, corns and roots vegetables are also very good!! We would like to take it easy on meat and dairy these days. Beans and sprouts are your company now 🙂 
“We are what we eat” if we savour food the grows from the earth, we can be a step closer to the Mother Earth.
With this note, hence comes the earthlings and seedlings to you all – that we all have roots on the earth where we have been growing and continue to grow and become the person who we are each day. 
In the month of May, as in other years, i would like to give respect to all mothers/ care takers / all who embrace themselves in the role as such. Mother, as the nurturing one. Nurturing in all aspects – encourages development, stimulates communication, sustains relationships, educates our bodies, soothes pains, honors the past, be present with our fears, our joys, and witness with us at each moment of change. She is the earth, our body, the energy of creation. She is the seed and the tree, the blue in the sky and sea, all at the same time, just like us, that we are the child, the parent, the teacher, the cleaning person in a household, the ceo in a company, all at the same time. The overlaps and often oversees and undermined are the caring quality, which is the lovingness that drives from germinating an inspiration to accomplishing your goal. This caring and loving energy is the relationships found in mother and the others.
We, can be our own mother, and this relationship with this mother (and the other mother figures in our lives) is the key to navigate our paths. 


IMG_8261Sounds of leaves crushing under the feet and the monarch butterflies surrounding you; it is partly why i like living in Montreal. The fallen leaves and yellow street remind us that Autumn has arrived; just as the moon announced it is Equinox – the autumn harvest – the time to slow down, reflect, recollect, centre…allowing the yin side of the nature awakes, allowing the yang energy within us subside, but not completely, recreating a balance that is a little bit of both worlds and energies.

It is quite apparent that we have more of a tendency to slow down the pace, feeling staying in bed a little longer, yet, taking the advantage of the sun and warmth still lingering in the late afternoon. You may find yourself a change of appetite (having unreasonable cravings, like sweet, greasy, buttery food) in the past few weeks (and may be still going), hence gaining some weight. The change of eating habits may lead to some indigestions and henceforth pronounced dreams or even nightmares. Seasonal allergies bugging the heck out of you, hence a bit of headache. You may even noticed that your hair is a bit frizzy, the scalp a bit itchy or oily, hands and feet a little sticky or sometimes swollen, joints a bit achy, the skin a bit dry, etc. To some of us, may even find the tongue and bottom of feet itchy, acnes, pimples that are not usual, mysterious tinny tiny water bubbles on fingers or toes, having constipation or diarrhea, being impatient, loosing the cool. The change in temperature may confused you whether you are having a cold or it is allergies…Yup, these can all be signs the environment and the body adjusting to the change of season – entering Autumn.



Watching the butterflies hovering amongst the flowers, i can’t help but get sentimental about the image as i perceive it, which reminds me of this everlasting Chinese parable: “…Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man…” – 莊子 Zhūangzi (c. 369 BC – c. 286 BC) The perceived and the reflection; the real and the image; the you and the i – all returning to the earth by the natural force of gravity, calling, pulling, adjusting, resting, with each exhale and inhale.

Yellow, the third chakra, the centralized force, be seated with personal power and awareness, dawning for new perception. It is where our solar plexis is, also know as the furnace, if we feed it with too much wood, it builds too much heat, and we become firey. If we cool it with too much wind, energy doesn’t get move and disperse fluidly, we feel weak and achy. It has to be a well balanced fire to roast that tender mashmallow, which we have saved it all the way to the height of the campfire night. Enjoy the fruits of the season, namely pears and apples, and savour it in however manner you prefer – roast with maple syrup and pine nuts, purée it with cinnamon and nutmeg, bake it with peaches coconut flakes, have it fresh off the tree. Forget the refined pastries and embrace the natural sweetness from earth.

My readers supporters followers clients friends are caretakers in nature or at work a mother figure in different aspects and lives. I wish you all whom we have connected through various sources that we can all be surrendered – allow, receive and accept the gratitude of others and of nature.

– May it be an abundant and radiant Equinox to us all –


Spring – awakening from the dormant state, entering the renewal energy, and getting ready to take some actions

– the SPRING edition –

I was very amused by the productivity, positive and creative energy in the past few weeks. Ideas of all paths of life just kept streaming in, and i found myself writing notes to myself, texting and emailing to remind myself all these ‘excitement’ pouring in and out of my consciousness.
Next, i realized that ‘this is SPRING TIME – earthly creatures emerging from the cold and darkness of the dormant state of winter.
Drinking as much liquid as the rain is providing. Washing and cleaning the atmosphere that the wind has left behind. Absorbing and adjusting to the warmth and energy of the sun.

I wanted to do workshops about this, but there’s not even time. I just want to share this sense of abundance and energy with you, as you are the ones who i have in mind, when i am having this moment of epiphany! (that’s it, i said it!)

Spring – Wood element – Liver and Gall Bladder meridian

If we can relate ourselves to the nature and its rhythm, the intensed allergies that you may have been going through is partly due the ‘Spring cleaning’ that the environment is doing, and partly our internal body is unearthing from the winter. Spring is also a time to plant the seeds, just as ideas sprouting inside us, asking us to do something about them. It is the yearning to make changes, this sense of making-it-happening, that we are filled with excitement and stimulations. As much as this positive energy is churning within us, the excitement lead us afloat. If you also feel this way, and would like to take that one small but significant step to nurish your brilliant ideas, below are a few simple steps that you can follow that may be helpful to unleash t before the igniting power takes place into actions once summer arrives.

As mothers/parents, lacking of sleep and rest, constantly wrestling with crying babies, screaming toddlers, shifting energies from your partners, friends, and colleagues, etc. this creative energy may not be as pronounced and may even likely to be manifested into another form of energy/emotion. No matter what that energy that you have been noticing, be it positive or negative ( as in a feeling, not as a judgement), take a note so we can be aware of it/them, and eventually make use of it. The present moment is where we live; wisdom, however, arrives in hind sight. If this resonate with you, i wish this email accompanies you like a friend; walk with you for a few moments as it echoes. If it doesn’t resonate with you, i wish it accumulates as an additional perspective on to your collection.

Feel free to take the following exercise or leave it or pass it on to whoever you would like to share with.

Day 1
1. Take less than 2min to make a ‘this is what i want’ list, side by side with ‘don’t want’ list. Treat it like a brainstorming exercise. Do not take too much time to think – no thinking, just write what comes to mind.

Move on to #2 right away

2. Take a few breathes, deep and exhilarating, and then look at the list you just wrote.

Let it settle with you.

Day 2
Take the list you wrote yesterday and see which ones you have already done or are alreafy doing and which one you are going to do, when and how and which one don’t
3. Make a list of all the ideas you have in mind or have scribbled on pieces of paper. Keep writing, allow the hand to follow your thoughts, and ‘not’ the other way round.

Take a few deep breathes,

Let it settle in you.

Day 3
4. Take a moment, one breath at a time, to listen to each inhale and exhale and watch/observe how the body is receiving and releasing the breath, physically, metaphorically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Harness that energy, like they are seedlings, that you will plant them in the soil. When summer comes, the season of heat and action, will get the ball rolling. The following simple exercise may give you a lift to take some first steps, and allow us to see the ideas in words, which often is not quite the same as a conceptual state in the head. But if you have already begun and has sown your seeds,

May we all able to connect with the powerful energy deep within ourselves. May we graciously accept this innate wisdom that has passing on from generations to generations. May we truthfully manifest this subtle beauty – through our breath, a blink of the eye, a twitch of a finger, each step we make with our feet, each beating of the heart – into a tangible means, one motion, one step, one inhale and one exhale at a time.

Let’s all our creative energy meets at some planes at some point at some time.

[ b-ê :: well ] is where cannot be filled and never full.



Humidity level – SPRING in Full Swing

If you have had a session with me (massage, yoga or YT) this week, you will know what i am writing here:

Humidity in the air/environment is in full swing, so is our body.

If you find yourself feeling heavy, headache, nauseous, fatique, puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning, swollen feet/ankle at the end of the day, diarrhea/looser stool than usual, peeing often, etc. These are all signs of water retention in the body. The best way to resolve it so that we can feel lighter in body and spirit is a little bit of cardio exercise to sweat that trapped liquid out, even walking faster than you normally would, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. will be a good way to increase your heartrate and sweat out the particules that the body needs to get rid of.

It may sound counter-intuitive but in fact, drinking more water will be helpful to how you may be experiencing. It is because water retention is one condition amongst other signs of the ‘dampness’ trapped in the body.

‘Dampness’ can be understood as extra humidity or liquid in the body. In TCM, dampness can be manifested as:
Water is not being absorbed as much as the digestive system would usually do, so uneliminated liquid is stored in the different parts of body in various forms described above.

There many things that can ease this discomfort. One of the easest, practical and delicious (to some people) are raw barley (not recommended for pregnant women) and cilantro/la corriandre FR (NOT Italian parsley, NOT Canadian coriander)