Sally Lee


“My interest in understanding the body and the quest of who we are from inside out, has led me from a visual art practice to a holistic healing journey. I turned to the studies and practice of acupressure and yoga therapy as the means to share with other people.

My practice is my passion – My passion is my practice.

I love encountering our-self or the sense of self from the intricacy of our internal body. I believe the body consists of living wisdom and healing ability to attune itself to its balance. Being a massage therapist and a yoga teacher give me the opportunity to share this passion and knowledge intuitively and interpersonally, in both individual and group class environment.

I always feel blessed to have very supporting family and friends who have been so generous with their patience, allowing me to search for myself and my path. This is a privilege that I wish to return their love with more love to them. I wish to bring them health from what I have learned and what they have been supporting me for. b-ê :: well comes from the well of love and I intended to plant these wells everywhere, so everyone can have a share.”


Sally Lee is a certified massage therapist (acupressure, anti-stress, prenatal and postnatal massage – Oriental Acupressure Massage School, 2013) and yoga teacher (Yin Yoga – HappyTree Yoga, 2014; Mama and Baby Yoga Teacher – Jayme Hernandez, 2014; and Yoga Therapist, Resource: Yoga, 2016). Born and raised in Hong Kong, and had a visual art practice over a decade, practicing acupressure is the amalgamation of a creative process with her cultural root. Lee is thrilled to be part of the alternative community clinic and the yoga community in Montreal. She feels blessed to share with you the culture and philosophy that brought her to the holistic practice.