about sally lee


“My interest in understanding the body and the quest of who we are from inside out, has led me from a visual art practice to a holistic healing journey. I turned to the studies and practice of acupressure and yoga therapy as the means to share with other people.

My practice is my passion – My passion is my practice.

I love encountering our-self or the sense of self from the intricacy of our internal body. I believe the body consists of living wisdom and healing ability to attune itself to its balance. Being a massage therapist and a yoga teacher give me the opportunity to share this passion and knowledge intuitively and interpersonally, in both individual and group class environment.

I always feel blessed to have very supporting family and friends who have been so generous with their patience, allowing me to search for myself and my path. This is a privilege that I wish to return their love with more love to them. I wish to bring them health from what I have learned and what they have been supporting me for. b-ê :: well comes from the well of love and I intended to plant these wells everywhere, so everyone can have a share.”

Sally Lee is a mother, a certified acupressure, massage and yoga therapist, and yoga teacher. Her passion laid in working with caregivers, prenatal & postpartum support and care, infant health, etc. Gender, Identity and Racial Justice and Politics are central to her practices and the communities she serves. Born and raised in Hong Kong, hold a Master Degree in Fine Arts, practicing acupressure is the amalgamation of a creative process with her cultural root and its philosophy. Lee is thrilled and blessed to be a part of the holistic health community clinics and the yoga communities in Montreal.



about b-ë :: well 

b-ê :: well 
the linguistic intersection of “bien-être : être bien” and “well being : being well” – this acronym/noun best condenses my ethos, be it in French or English. The Well naturally represents the wealth of knowledge, of life, of body. One in all, and all in one. A source that can never be too filled, nor ever be full. The well also corresponds to the idea of the zang-fu, a theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  For me personally, well is also infused with symbolic imagery; it is a place, an object, a subject that alludes to the various transformations and pathogens found in TCM, as well as in life.

In my search for a name that could best embody the entirety of my passion with all that is “corporal”, no one word seemed more indicative, nor compliment and be more complete than BEing, or as a verb, to BE. These words encompass, when allied, the essence of what I wish to fulfill with my practice; to ‘be well’.

Hence my greeting is also my parting wish,

b-ê :: well 



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“I had a car accident almost two years ago. I did physiotherapy, acupuncture, chinese herbs…but nothing truly ‘touched’ the spots/knots that were really bothering me. I went to see Sally for a month. Her magical hands found them, treated them, and fixed those discomforting sensations that i can’t even describe in words. Thank you Sally!! ” ~ Paulie

“I cannot recommend Sally Lee and her holistic therapy practice highly enough. I have been fortunate to be a client of Sally’s for about six months, and in that time, she has treated me so well, so generously, and so effectively. From chronic pain to injury and stress, Sally has used a wonderful combination of massage, acupressure, yoga, diet, and herbs to treat me and bring me closer to wellness than I have been in a long time.” ~ Jennifer Stroude

“Sally makes you feel comfortable, listens pretty carefully and gives advice based on several approaches. I’m very stoked about working with them !” ~ AC Rizn

“I felt connected to Sally instantly. After having a massage with Sally I not only felt rejuvenated but I became more aware and in touch with the inner workings of my body through her insightful visual techniques. Thank you Sally!” ~ katherine dube

“I’ve worked with Sally for over a year now. She has helped my heal from a serious chronic back injury which was causing me daily pain. Her massage is amazing and has helped me to get in touch with my body and what I need to heal. She is professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She always gives me information beyond the massage to help me understand the body as well as stretches and ideas to help me outside of her work with me. I have so much gratitude for Sally and her wonderful work!” ~ Estraven

“J’ai adoré mon expérience de massage à b-ê::well avec Sally. Elle est une passionnée du corps humain et le connaît dans ces moindres détails grâce à des savoirs approfondis dans plusieurs disciplines, notamment en réflexologie et en médecine orientale. Sally sait exactement ce qu’elle fait et pourquoi elle le fait et vous en ressentirez les bienfaits presque instantanément. Au sortir de votre massage vous serez mieux, vous serez même énergisé. ” ~ Tony Patoine

“I got a really great massage from Sally the other day. Really relaxing and helped me with some back/shoulder pain issues from working a desk job. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a massage!” ~ Savannah Goyette