Winter Specials – warm your heart & feet with deep woods scents

Winter has officially arrived, especially here in Montreal. Enjoy a cup of malted spiced wine or chai pumpkin tea, spending time with people who share love and joy with you, reading a book or making a needle point project, while trying some of my new additions to my b-ê::well family : aromatherapeutics roll-ons and balms (organic essential oils that are sourced from ethically grown herbs) that help with bruises, cuts, pains, brain fog, stress, immune system, meditation, digestion, etc.

I hope these gentle yet powerful scents brings you home, bring you to you and the centering self, like my beloved Sacred Forest essential oil natural perfume, brings you to the deep quietude in the forest or the Heart of Rose, grounding and centering or the Calming Lavender, aids sleep and wounding down the festivities or the chaotic energy that surfaced in the holiday seasons.

GIFT CERTIFICATE (GC) ($100 or above) – buy 1 for yourself or your dear ones & get $25 off your next massage. Maybe oils and balms are not your type of thing. Then get a GC that your dear ones can either use to purchase your my new endorsed products or use it towards massages. No limits to amount or expiration date.

All ingredients are organic and from ethically sourced and grown herbs.

aromatherapeutic roll-on (10ml)

  • Immune Booster
  • Digestive Buddy
  • Muscle Relax
  • Headache Soothers
  • Breath
  • Anti-Stress
  • Sleep Goodnight
  • Energized
  • Focused
  • JOY
  • Chill
  • Gratitude

Natural Perfumes (10ml)

  • Sacred Forest
  • Heart of Rose
  • Calming Lavender

Balms (10ml)

  • Earth Aroma balm
  • Healing balm
  • Soothing pain balm


aromatherapeutic roll-on 10ml bottles – $18 per bottle

natural perfumes 10ml – $22 per bottle

balms 10ml – $14 per container

For (aromatherapeutic roll-ons & balms) only:

  • any combination of 3 (15% off)
  • any combination of 5 (20% off)
  • any combination of 10 (25% off)

e.g. 2 roll-ons + 1 balm = ($18+18+14) x 15% off = $42.50 or 3 roll-ons ($18×3) x 15% off = $46 or 10 roll-ons + 10 balms [($18×10) + ($14×10)] x 25% off = $240

PAYMENT by e-transfer to

SHIPPING : $17-19 or

PICK UP : FREE (6994 St-Denis, Metro Jean-Talon), email to arrange pick up details

GIFT CERTIFICATE is available on printed paper or digital. Printed GC can be picked up (6994 St-Denis) or I can mail it to you. Digital GC is sent to you by email. Payment by e-transfer.