mardi/Tue & mercredi/Wed – HOME VISITS/ HOUSE CALLS


  • are dedicated to those who have difficulties getting out of the house (eg. prenatal 40 weeks and beyond // postpartum anytime after birth and needed to be with baby all the time // recent injuries – psychological or physical // seniors, etc.)
  • minimum 90min
  • an extra $15-20 is added to the regular price, depending on your location
  • the session is done on your bed//sofa//cushioned floor//anywhere that you feel most comfortable and convenient for you


Benefits of Baby Massage:

  • Improves sleep patterns, aids colic, gas, and digestive issues. 
  • Enhance immune system and the growth hormones.
  • Parents build confidence in the communicating with their babies through the sense of touch, sound, movement and breath. 
  • Gives parents the tools for understanding their child’s unique rhythms and patterns.
  • Promotes social and emotional development furthering self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Reduce stress-related issues, such as asthma, eczema, crying, night-crying, dry skin, etc.
  • And so much more!! – It’s FUN, PLAYFUL, where babies learn to communicate with you and learn from you about you and this world!!

HOUSE CALLS can be much more than massages. You can combine the Postpartum Doula Service with at home massage, to give yourself a full recharge, and your baby some relaxation for better feeding and sleeping 🙂