Pregnancy massage & Postpartum Doula Service + Postnatal massage

Having a massage during pregnancy is more than a gift to yourself! It is a gift to the world of motherhood/parenthood, of entering a new journey, and a loving care for the baby. b-ê :: well Pregnancy massage offers a consultation at each session, especially at the initial session, to understand the physical and psychological conditions of the mother-to-be. Depending on your needs and the discomforts of the body, the session can help to relieve tensions (eg. backaches, sciatica, stiff neck, etc.) especially due to carrying the big belly, soreness and inflammation in joints and muscles, such as cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). It can also alleviate general fatigue, aid morning sickness and acid reflux. Improving energy flow and circulation for better sleep and mobility. You will be lying on your sides and well cushioned by pillows and blankets, so that your body is well supported due to the extra weight from the growing baby.


The massage is modified specifically to the needs of pregnancy needs with a combination of Relaxation or Deep Tissue massage and Acupressure. Acupressure uses pressure points on meridians to reduce blockages and create a better energy flow. Effleurage movements are gentle, light strokes that Swedish massage employs to warm up the muscles before applying with deeper pressure to remove lactic acid built up in muscles, which formed tensions in the body.

First session (85min) Massage + Full Consultation

Follow up sessions (75min) Massage + Consultation

Option: Add $30 for a mini personalized private yoga session – Mantra/Affirmation/Meditation + Prenatal Yoga daily routine that is designed just for you!

Online scheduling

Postpartum care + Postnatal massage

Postpartum Care is sooooooo important and absolutely ESSENTIAL!! Why? Birthing of a new life is no easy task, but one that should be celebrated and well taken care of. Many tradition cultures offer 40-60days of postpartum care by family members or relatives. In this day and age, we are blessed if we were to stay in hospital more than 24hrs needless to mention that we may not have our families near by to provide the care and nutrition that are so essentially needed. Fortunately, we have very knowledgeable nurses, doulas, mid-wives, postpartum doulas, etc. who have been more and more presence these days. *Giving a Postpartum Doula Service is a very comforting gift for a new family if you wish you offer them support and love but you are also very busy yourself 😉

Postpartum Doula Service generally provides the care, nutrition, making your home a cozy place to nest and newborn sweetness! Postpartum Doulas are informative about how to take care of a newborn and the *mama – both equally need adequate care and rest. In addition, I also offer relaxation tools, sleeping and breast/bottle-feeding guidances. If I run into something out of my reach, I will offer references to the professionals in the related fields.

Postnatal Massage can be part of the Postpartum Doula Service or a massage on its own. Tensions and pains due to carrying the baby, breast/bottle-feeding and lack of sleep and rest are common and normal discomforts postpartum. A Postnatal Massage can provide the much needed relaxation, relieve tensions (eg. backaches, sciatica, stiff neck and shoulders, etc.) It can also encourage or reduce (depending on your situation) milk flow if you are breastfeeding, reduce scars from a caesarean and aid the healing of the tear at the perineum, reduce soreness at tailbone and sacrum due to labor, improve overall energy flow and circulation for better sleep and mobility, and to tonify and support the mental and physical wellness of a new mom. Modified  to the postpartum needs, the massage is a combination of acupressure, Deep Tissue massage and energy work.

First session (85min) Massage + Full Consultation

Follow up sessions (75min) Massage + Consultation

It is recommended to have someone to take care of your baby during the massage, however, special arrangement can be accommodated.

Postpartum Doula Service – contact Sally for the different packages and other information.

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