Acupressure and yoga therapy have introduced me to the intricacy of the human bodies. It is through my passion in art-making and process-oriented projects that has led me to acupressure.

It has been fifteen years of artmaking at the time, cultural and gender politics and community building have always been my point of reference, and the notions of art, healing, medicine and the public have been steeping in my head for quite a while. Finally, I made an inflatable wearable suit for a public intervention to explore the relationship between pleasure and pressure as my MFA thesis. From then on, it was clear to me that I needed to make a direct connection to my cultural roots, thus acupressure and TCM was set as the next goal. Since then, I have worked with different groups of community clinics and organizations to bring acupressure and yoga therapy accessible to a greater public through bodywork as well as lectures and workshops.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been known to have over 3500 years in medical history, including acupressure, acupuncture, cupping, dietetics/food therapy, herbology, massage (tui na), moxibustion, and scrapping (guasha). Although there are many schools and clans of studies, they all share the same meridian philosophy and theory. Meridians are known as energy channels that connect energies (internal organs, hormones, functions, etc.) throughout the body. In an acupressure session, gentle to deep pressure is applied to the pressure point on the meridian as a form of stimulation in place of needles, in order to tonify/ disperse/ strengthen the energy flow of the meridians, allowing the body to attune itself and find its own balance in its own terms. Yoga Therapy is an amalgamation of scientific and traditional medicines into a healing practice based on the innate wisdom of the body and its energies. Through scientific studies in anatomy, physiology and psychology together with the traditional yogic values of asanas, chakras, breathing techniques, diet, yoga practices, and meditation, yoga therapy allows the trainer and trainee to align the structural as well as emotional bodies, so that the individual can attune, connect, aware of the patterns accumulated between the body and mind. The goal is to bring consciousness to these patterns and eventually creating perspectives to encounters difficulties.

Through a functional and holistic approaches to health and healing, both acupressure and yoga therapy have brought me to an understanding of how our internal eco-system reflects and inter-relates to the external eco-system; the intelligence of an ever-changing co-existing environment. I work with women of all genders with the intentions on restoring and realigning the body and mind. I also offer new parents, caregivers and health professionals baby massage course, integrative birthing workshop for couples, and TCM workshops to continue to share my passion on integrative health approach. My intention is to demonstrate how the microbiome as a mirroring system to the external world that we live in. Through understanding the internal eco-system where bacteria and antibodies find their ways to co-exist and build a healthy environment as a mirror to reflect the importance of diversity and acknowledgement of difference in a healthy society.

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