Embody Therapy

Embody Therapy is b-ê : well ‘s signature massage – an amalgamation of theories and practices from acupressure, massage and yoga therapy. The goal is to “rejuvenate through deep relaxation”. According to TCM and Yogic philosophies, any aliments, discomforts or illnesses can be related to emotions that have been accumulated in a long period of time and they are deeply rooted in the mental state, like a psychological barrier that holds the body in a constant state of stress response. In order to ‘unknot’ these aliments, my preference is to return the mind into the body by rooting it in a state of deep relaxation. Then through guided visualization, sound and meditation, we bring the physical body aligned with the energetic body through vibration. Eventually, unknotting and meeting those barriers and allowing windows and doors to open for possibilities. Of course, there are always exceptions, just like everything else. It is a process. Healing is a process.  It requires to work with body-mind-spirit individually as well as collectively, according to their own readiness. This may shift back and forth in time and other internal or external factors may contribute to the ongoing debate within its own dilemmas.  


Symptoms or pains are being addressed during the massage sessions, as a result, the body is restored to a state of complete relaxation. Imagine watching the ripple in the water slowly restore itself to the state of peace and calm, providing the clarity to see under the water and allowing the quiet surface to reflect the world above the water – this is the intention.

The massage session is a combination of various practices, depending on the conditions of the clients, one or more of these practices will be used – acupressure, crystals, deep tissue massage, hot stone, heating elements, reflexology, sounds, Swedish massage. This unique combinations of the gentle touch of effleurage, affirmation pressure, heat and movements allow the mind and body to settle into a state of deep relaxation. Some people fall into a deep deep sleep during the massage, some are awake but in a relatively meditative state of awareness – a very special way to connect with your own body.

1 hr 30min – $100

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