SPRING has arrived!


Dear earthlings and seedlings:
Spring seems to have found its momentum. Sprouts and greens are definitely in sight!! Spring has arrived!! 
Which also means you may have extra energy all of a sudden, so much so that it has been difficult falling asleep (i do!! there are nights that i was wide awake for 5 hrs!!) You may find yourself inspired to have all kinds of new ideas! Exciting times: proposing new projects, starting a new hobby, begin to look around for your gardening season, etc. You may also find yourself feeling anxious, upset stomach, or eating like there’s a black hole inside you or completely opposite – having no appetite. These are not random examples, if you have come to my TCM workshops before, you may recall that the transitioning period between every season usually express these climatic seasonal changes and manifest thee changes in us physically and mentally. You may also find yourself having allergy symptoms (itchy/scratchy throat, eyes, skin, watery eyes, burning sensation in eyes, ringing in the ears, sore throat, stuffy nose/sinus blockages, etc.). Whether you feel these sensations or not, feel generous about gorging yourself down with fresh berries, big leafy greens and herbs, like dandelion, kale, arugula, and continue with grains like quinoi, barley and roots like yam. I can smell bbq on the weekends, grilling veggies, corns and roots vegetables are also very good!! We would like to take it easy on meat and dairy these days. Beans and sprouts are your company now 🙂 
“We are what we eat” if we savour food the grows from the earth, we can be a step closer to the Mother Earth.
With this note, hence comes the earthlings and seedlings to you all – that we all have roots on the earth where we have been growing and continue to grow and become the person who we are each day. 
In the month of May, as in other years, i would like to give respect to all mothers/ care takers / all who embrace themselves in the role as such. Mother, as the nurturing one. Nurturing in all aspects – encourages development, stimulates communication, sustains relationships, educates our bodies, soothes pains, honors the past, be present with our fears, our joys, and witness with us at each moment of change. She is the earth, our body, the energy of creation. She is the seed and the tree, the blue in the sky and sea, all at the same time, just like us, that we are the child, the parent, the teacher, the cleaning person in a household, the ceo in a company, all at the same time. The overlaps and often oversees and undermined are the caring quality, which is the lovingness that drives from germinating an inspiration to accomplishing your goal. This caring and loving energy is the relationships found in mother and the others.
We, can be our own mother, and this relationship with this mother (and the other mother figures in our lives) is the key to navigate our paths. 

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