Humidity level – SPRING in Full Swing

If you have had a session with me (massage, yoga or YT) this week, you will know what i am writing here:

Humidity in the air/environment is in full swing, so is our body.

If you find yourself feeling heavy, headache, nauseous, fatique, puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning, swollen feet/ankle at the end of the day, diarrhea/looser stool than usual, peeing often, etc. These are all signs of water retention in the body. The best way to resolve it so that we can feel lighter in body and spirit is a little bit of cardio exercise to sweat that trapped liquid out, even walking faster than you normally would, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. will be a good way to increase your heartrate and sweat out the particules that the body needs to get rid of.

It may sound counter-intuitive but in fact, drinking more water will be helpful to how you may be experiencing. It is because water retention is one condition amongst other signs of the ‘dampness’ trapped in the body.

‘Dampness’ can be understood as extra humidity or liquid in the body. In TCM, dampness can be manifested as:
Water is not being absorbed as much as the digestive system would usually do, so uneliminated liquid is stored in the different parts of body in various forms described above.

There many things that can ease this discomfort. One of the easest, practical and delicious (to some people) are raw barley (not recommended for pregnant women) and cilantro/la corriandre FR (NOT Italian parsley, NOT Canadian coriander)



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