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Calming your mind and body with a massage or yoga session at [b-ê :: well] is the best way to ease into the busy city lives.


Find yourself struggling with any of the discomforts below?


At [b-ê :: well] Sally Lee offers Acupressure, Pre- and Post-natal massage, Reflexology, as well as group or private yoga sessions in Yin Yoga, Mama & Baby Yoga, and Yoga Therapy that can bring your mind and body to its balance.


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” It’s the most relaxing massage I ever had. The meditation really helped me to dissolve into the the massage bed. Thank you Sally!! ” ~ Paulie

“I felt connected to Sally instantly. After having a massage with Sally I not only felt rejuvenated but I became more aware and in touch with the inner workings of my body through her insightful visual techniques. Thank you Sally!” ~ katherine dube

“J’ai adoré mon expérience de massage à b-ê::well avec Sally. Elle est une passionnée du corps humain et le connaît dans ces moindres détails grâce à des savoirs approfondis dans plusieurs disciplines, notamment en réflexologie et en médecine orientale. Sally sait exactement ce qu’elle fait et pourquoi elle le fait et vous en ressentirez les bienfaits presque instantanément. Au sortir de votre massage vous serez mieux, vous serez même énergisé. ” ~ Tony Patoine

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You can find [b-ê :: well] at various locations: 462 Blvd. St-Joseph E (next to Laurier Metro Station), at your Workplace or at your own Home. That’s right!  | @ home/corporate | Find out more at the Contact page.

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